Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wow! I am super excited to have my blog up and going. I have a few tweaks to make (rather, I have a few tweaks I want my husband to make) but for now this will do. I thought that maybe I should introduce myself! I grew up in Cincinnati, OH and I am the oldest of three girls. My husband and I met in 2004 and married in 2006. We have three beautiful babies. Evelynn (Evie), Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Nathan (we usually call him Buddy). Evelynn and Elizabeth are twins, they were born 12 weeks early, one day I will tell you all about it. When the girls were 15 months old little Nathan showed up on the scene. He was quite the surprise but for sure the best kind! My husband was born and raised in India, I have yet to visit his homeland but once our children are a little older we plan to make the big trip. For now I'm just managing to keep my head above the masses of toys and laundry. Oh! and lest I forget (because I forget things a lot!) Evie n Lizzie is my new company! I love to sew, I have been sewing since I was about 12...18 years!!! I love to create and most of the items sold in my little shop have been created during nap times and after my littles go to bed. I would love for you to stop on over and check it out!


  1. Ooooh, could it be that I'm the 1st to comment? I feel so special! I'm looking forward to reading your future posts and am happy to read that your twins are doing well after such a scary start :)


  2. Hey I had to come say hello, saw you comment on the Indian pattern tutorial, and I too am so happy I found her. Isn't she great.

    I checked out your etsy shop, and it's adorable. I am hosting a giveaway at my blog for 3 FREE months advertising, if you are interested I would love it if you came to enter.

    I too, am married to an Indian, and we too have 3 kids, only I am also from Romania, he he, so pretty interesting indeed. :)

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!!
    Bella :)

  3. Hello! I admit I came here too because I saw you were married to an Indian. Me too. :) We met 11 yrs ago! Time flies doesnt it? How old are your kiddos?

    You are so extremely talented btw. I wish I had the skill and creativity!